What is classical Education?

It is a formative education, with the goal of instilling in students wise and virtuous habits through an appreciation of the truth, beauty and goodness in the ideas, events, individuals and debates contained in classical literature, history, and philosophy and the amazing structure and form of the universe.

Students also focus on developing skills in the comprehension and use of language, the analysis of logical arguments, and the presentation of ideas in written and oral form. These skills are the three components of the Classical Trivium: Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric, which form the framework for teaching and learning. In the Grammar phase, students build their understanding of content knowledge, including the use of language. In Logic, they analyse the consistency of arguments about this content knowledge, while in the study of Rhetoric, students examine and practice methods of presenting ideas and arguments.

This unfolding method of the Trivium extends across all the subjects of the curriculum, from history and language, to religion, to mathematics, music and natural science. It is therefore much more than a study of the ‘classics’.

Blessed John Newman

Proposed School

What is under consideration is a co-educational Primary and Secondary school from Prep through to Year 12, based on a classical curriculum. It is intended that a feature of the Academy will be the cultivation of love and respect for traditional liturgical devotion, with an emphasis on the Church’s patrimony of sacred music, especially Gregorian Chant.

“The truth will set you free”

It is hoped that the Academy will commence by offering classes at senior primary (years 5 & 6) level through to year 9 in 2019 and progressively introducing secondary levels in each of the following years. The location of the school is likely to be in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

Blessed John Newman

Registration of Interest

We are at the point where we would like to share our research with interested parents, educators and supporters and seeking student registrations. Those wishing to attend are asked to register by completing linked form below or the contacting the Secretary of the Parish Education Committee by clicking this email link

Alternatively, Telephone enquiries: 0414 963 282.

Note the survey for intent to be part of the school is yet open and can be completed by clicking the link below.

Blessed John Newman